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< History: ROYAL-T RECORDS was born in July 2002. The idea came from Sarah’s internship at a local pro bono entertainment lawyer association. She then decided to start the company. The first meeting of Royal-T Records was held on August 28. There, the four original members of the Executive Board discussed a blueprint for success in the music industry. Since that time, one album, Saranade, has been released off the Royal-T Records Label.

What’s new this month: We are currently working with various artists on new collaborations. Look for an upcoming re-vamp of the site. You'll be able to access more snippets, as well as hear exclusive collabos and instrumentals. In other news, our acts are still hard at work:

Booking Information: If you want to book any of our acts for a performance, call us at
If no one picks up, leave a message, and we will get back to you shortly. You can also e-mail us at the address listed below. Our artists perform in the following genres:

Don't be shy... if you have a question just ask us!

Look out for…
...many surprises we have in store for you within the year, including new albums and a new look for our website. By the way, please join the mailing list if you want to get a certain performer's tour schedule. You can contact us at:
or at

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