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Sarah's Vital Stats
Age: 24
Sign: Virgo
Influences: Aaliyah, TLC, En Vogue, Sade
Sound: Hip-Hop with a jazzy edge

SARAH (PRESIDENT/CEO, ARTIST)… …Has studied music since the age of three in the areas, among others, of voice, piano, guitar, violin, and viola. She has had extensive musical training all through school, and received the highest rank in her state as an Alto I. Her voice ranges from Soprano II to Alto II. She is now majoring in Intercultural Communication, and will graduate with a Masters degree in May 2005. In ROYAL-T RECORDS, she sings, produces, writes, and oversees the general operation of the company. Look out for her first album, Saranade, coming in late 2004. Also, be sure to check out her personal page by clicking here: Sarah's Site
Akilah's Vital Stats
Age: 26
Sign: Pisces
Influences: Sarah Vaughn, Sade, Donne Hathaway, Stevie Wonder
Sound: Ecclectic

AKILAH SHANI (VP OF ARTS & REPETOIRE, ARTIST)… …Has always had a passion for music. She started singing with her father to Earth, Wind, and Fire tunes at the age of two. She has spent over half of her life singing in choruses and being in performing companies. Some of the other passions in her life are playing the piano, acting, dancing, and volunteering her time and services to people in need. In Royal-T, she is responsible for identifying talent, and developing that talent into a marketable act.
Candace's Vital Stats
Age: 22
Sign: Taurus
Taste in Music: Pop, R&B, and Rap
Last 3 albums bought: Miss Jade, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera

CANDACE (VP OF MARKETING)… …Has studied marketing and promotion for five years, from high school to college. She participated in DECA and various competitions. She was also President of Marketing for Step Team and College Partnership at her high school. She will continue to put all of her skills to work, designing and implementing strategies to generate as much hype as possible for our talented artists.
Royal Blue's Vital Stats
Age: 21
Sign: Virgo
Influences:Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, X-Scape, Lenny Kravitz and more
Sound:Hip-hop with a sad twist of harmony

ROYAL BLUE (VP OF CREATIVE SERVICES, ARTIST)… …Has performed since the age of six up into late teens, both singing and dancing. In ROYAL-T RECORDS, she sings, composes, and is Vice President of Creative Services, and participates in other promotional activities. Look out for her first single, Issues, off the album Royal Blue, coming in 2004.
Samantha's Vital Stats
Age: 26
Sign: Taurus
Influences:Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Silverchair, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Bush
Sound: Rock/ Alternative/ Metal

SAMANTHA (VP OF NATIONAL PUBLICITY, ARTIST)… …has been singing and writing for several years. She writes her own songs and believes that a true artist should be commited and original. With ROYAL-T Records, she pursues a career as a singer/songwriter. As Vice President of National Publicity, she identifies media contacts, develops strategies, and works in close coordination with the marketing department.
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